The fall in income of Portuguese families has led to the need to find alternative sources of income. So, if you have the time to dedicate yourself to a personal project and if you have minimal appetites for working with information technology, here are some ideas to make money on the internet.

Affiliate Program Can Make You Earn Big Money

Affiliate Program Can Make You Earn Big Money

One of the possibilities to monetize a website or blog is membership in affiliate programs. In this case, when writing and developing a website you can promote quality products or services developed by third parties.

This hypothesis works as a reference scheme and the commissioning can be quite interesting – see the example of the site

The second alternative to making money on the internet is the sale of space for the presentation of ads. Depending on the content of the site, Google will place advertising on specific zones on your site (who defines the space is the owner of the site). As a rule, you will earn money for each “click” or for each purchase.

Advertising Sales also allows you to Make Money


The third hypothesis is the sale of advertising space on your site. They could be banners, promotional items, newsletters or other.

The important thing is to have a site with a lot of traffic that allows many views. In this aspect, Pangloss has counted on the contribution of Byd and Convert to generate traffic and so we can get as far as possible.

Sale of Infoproducts

Sale of Infoproducts

An increasingly popular way to monetize your site is to create products or services that you can sell. From online courses or e-learning, ebooks, consulting or others. Being able to sell everything a little, as long as you can gain the trust of your audience.

The chances of making money on the internet are several. However, it takes some time to materialize. The important thing is to know the needs of the market. Which needs will satisfy. Then you’ll have to work and spend a lot of time on your site until you’re able to attract enough traffic to make it profitable.