The latest study on the price of mortgages by Good Lender reflects a reality that we all detect in real life: although the Financial Standing remains low, mortgages are very expensive . And in addition to expensive, they require significant savings (sometimes 30% of the purchase price or more) and additional guarantees (guarantors, double guarantees.

Competitive mortgage segment


The most competitive mortgage segment, which is that of online banking, offers an average of Financial Standing + 1,250 points; the rest of financial institutions, therefore, have more expensive mortgages.

And despite the data in the report, the real interest rate of the market is surely much higher, since except for online banking, banks and savings banks often do not offer the prices of their mortgages. Behind the phrase ” personalized prices ” often hide the reality ” expensive prices we do not want to advertise “.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find “offers” of mortgages that are close to the Financial Standing + 3 , a real madness when the benchmark rises again.

The study of the Observatory of Personal Finances of Good Lender has been widely disseminated in the media, both online and in the written press.

When in doubt about buying a home with this type of mortgage, I leave the following reflection in Information:


Given this scenario, it is normal for most potential homebuyers to keep asking if it is a good time to buy. “It depends on the urgency you have,” replies Sean Cole, who recalls that, “although prices have already dropped significantly, the bubble has not completely deflated and that is another brake.”

Make a subrogation to improve


The analyst Good Finance has a somewhat different vision: «we must bear in mind that in two or three years the situation may have changed a lot and buyers can change their mortgage or make a subrogation to improve their conditions». “They don’t have to endure these types for life,” he adds.